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Mar 30, 2008

Packaging preferences

Some answers about produce packaging: I prefer to package each product variety in separate containers and place all of them into one (or more) large container(s) for transport. Container options abound, so here are some thoughts:

Recyclable bags are a wonderful option for picking up your produce. Cotton drawstring bags, fabric shopping bags, plastics made from recycled materials, biodegradable products, and standard plastics are all fairly easy to find.

I have plastic produce bags made by Crown Poly who state they are environmentally friendly. On their website they also state, “Crown Poly Inc. has been environmentally proactive with our business practices by supporting source reduction, the Environmental Protection Agency’s #1 method of waste management.” They are also EPR accredited. These are the bags I will use to individually package your produce. All items are then placed in a paper bag(s) I provide, or bag(s) you provide.

Evert Fresh reusable bags are $10.00 for 20 bags at, plus shipping. An alternative is available at Wild Oats. It looks like an egg and you place it in the crisper drawer of your refrigerator. These products will keep your produce fresh longer than regular plastic bags.

Choose what's right for you.