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May 19, 2008

For 2008 Shareholders:

The weather has been a hot topic lately! Record snow or record heat, the produce isn’t very happy about either one. We may not see our first share available until June. While we wait for the vegetables to catch up I want to keep you informed how things are coming along.

Fortunately, many veggies were started in the greenhouse and are beautiful healthy plants. Several of the squash and cucumber varieties have flowers already. The strawberries are doing great and have many blossoms for first year plants. We may all enjoy a few, we’ll see. I did not list as offered this year, but want you to be aware that we also put in raspberry plants- 250 of them. A few of the ever bearing variety have blossoms and we’ll see if there will be enough in this, their first year, for a taste.

Don't forget, we will have Dahlias and Roses available also!