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Mar 13, 2009

New additions!

We are delighted to have babies! In this case a total of six baby Araucana chicks. You can see the yet-unhatched eggs (now hatched) under mom. Their foster mom is a Black Sex Link hen, and a very good mom she is!

Mar 6, 2009

Beetles & Pollinators; unsung hard workers

The 9th Annual OSU Extension Small Farms Conference was held in Corvallis on February 21st. One of the sessions made bugs our new Hollywood stars. Just lay out the right carpet and the spotlight shines to attract them, and keep them! The spotlights, as insectaries, are wonderful additions to farms and home gardens as well. When we plant to attract predatory bugs we are building sanctuaries for them to feed, breed, and stay. Increasing our populations of the ‘good’ bugs helps to keep down the populations of ‘bad’ bugs, and we can design their homes to look good too.
Don’t think of flowers as just something you enjoy. Flowers can work for you too! Plant a few to attract some helpful insects in blocks of 6-12 each. Look for these on our farm this year: Sunflowers, marigolds, calendula, borage and others.
Have you heard of Beetle banking? Here’s a great article with comments from some of the speakers I sat in with at the Small Farms Conference: Beetles love grasses to over-winter in. Native bunch grasses actually. Predacious ground beetles eat a buffet of bugs that like to eat your vegetables. Ewww. We’re planning our strategy for a few Hollywood spotlights of our own.

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