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Dec 16, 2009


Are you speechless about our nation's food system? Let's back up and ask, what is the awareness level of our nation's food system? Sure, a farmer farms, brokers buy, stores and restaurants stock up, and folks buy food. That's how it works, right? Does your mother-father-sister-brother-neighbor understand exactly what their food went through to be on their plate?

Typical store/restaurant food: Sunshine+soil+water+seeds+fertilizer+pesticides+herbicides+labor+shipping+exposure to the public = your food.

Let's try again.
Food: Sunshine+soil+water+seeds+compost+companion planting+native predator bugs+labor+you = your food.

A farmer farms: Where? Your county? State? Country? Continent?
Brokers buy: From where? How does the food get here? How is the food stored until delivery?
Stores & restaurants stock up: The food is only as good as when it was received by a 3rd party. Then they too handle it and expose it to the public and who knows what else, really.
Folks buy food: Let's just visit the grocery store produce aisle. Good height displays are easy to reach for you, your neighbor, your neighborhood, your neighborhood's children, ah choo! Okay, point made.

Our nation's food system works. What? It does make food available through distribution systems and we often choose to purchase through that system. Choose. That's the key word. I choose to be part of raising the awareness level surrounding our nation's food system. A wonderful dinner topic: From germination to plate, the journey of food to your table. If only the food could speak.